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Workshop on 13 Feb 2016

We conducted a workshop at Dadar on 13 February 2016. The participants were children of age from 8 to 10 years. The children who participated were Prisha,Neel,Tvisha, Devika,Ishaan,Shaurya,Arjun.

Following activities were conducted:

Interaction with Colours

Interaction is an exchange of gesture when people meet. As per the characters of people, the gestures they exchange could be different like, talk, laugh, anger and fight, dance, play etc. Similarly can colours have characters? Can colours come alive and play, laugh, dance with each other? Can two colours be angry and fight with each other?  Could children explore colours to know them better? These were the major points behind this activity. While children try exploring the colours and their interaction, they can also realize that they are also interacting with colours and can play with them, can make colours dance or make them fight with each other.

In order to make children understand how colours can interact with each other, we showed them some video clips. These clips had animated characters of various colours representing some interactions like dance, fight, talk, quarrel etc. And the most important part was, the interaction shown in each clip was abstract and open to children’s interpretations. The information was not spoon-fed to them, rather it was something that children had to think and understand on their own. 

The children were given acrylic colours and a paper and were encouraged to explore various ways of interacting with colours on their own. Also they could explore how colours interacted with each other by merging, mixing. They were given complete freedom to create interesting effects on the paper by pouring the colours, using tools or using fingers. 

Colour Interaction Activity
Here are some works from this activity:

Works from Colour Interaction Activity


In this activity, the participants were made to sit in a circle and each one was given a paper. For a specified time, they were told to paint/draw anything of their choice on that paper. After the specified time was over, they were told to pass on their paper to the immediate participant next to them. This was continued and the papers traveled round in a loop(from one participant to next) till it finally reached the participant who originally started on it.   

The aim was to allow them to get inspired by what previous participant has created and expand it further by adding their share to it. They could create their own new drawing or add to the already existing work too.

Music was played in the background so as to allow the children to loosen a bit and to get into the flow of creativity. This activity also helps the children to realize how a work can develop with a group effort as they will be presented with a completely different work from the one they originally started.  

Loopy Activity
Here are some works from this activity:

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