Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Under the blessings of Van Gogh

On the 18th of July 2015, we conducted our first ever workshop. Where we experimented with our ideas related to art in general, but we took a particular interest in colour. We all love colour!!! Because colour is one of the first things that strikes the eye. Colour, being an important element of art gives us a lot to experience and experiment with. 

Aim of the workshop 

It was meant to be an enriching experience for us as well as the participants, focusing on these few aspects :

  • Learning to enjoy the process of creation of any artwork
  • Exposure to colour
  • A chance to discover and explore colour for themselves
  • An environment that gives them complete freedom with their creativity

Why is art so important?? Check this link out!!

We had five participants of different age groups:

  • Moksh age 4
  • Khushi age 4
  • Mukta age 8
  • Priyal age 14
  • Atharva age 19

These are the five activities that were carried out:

  • Colour affinity

Everyone has at least one favourite colour, but we don't usually stop to wonder why. Is it to do with our personality? our mood? How does it impact our lives? Do we end up choosing everything with that same colour again and again?

It's intriguing to delve into this question. And this was the purpose of this activity, to get people thinking.

Participants were required to choose from an array of displayed colour cards. Then they were asked for the reason why they chose that colour.

Here are the results:

Moksh (Blue): I like blue also my clothes are blue. 

Khushi (Black): She couldn't answer well, but she did mention something about her black                                     shoes.
Mukta (Green): I love nature and anything to do with the environment.
Priyal (Purple): I like purple flowers.
Atharva (Yellow): That is the colour associated with Jack Ü (his favourite DJ duo)

  • This Means War

The participants were given an assortment of coloured markers to choose from. They were meant to assign "roles" to their chosen colours. So one colour would play the role of the villain and the other that of a hero.

Next, we asked them to create a fight scene on paper, we encouraged them to get as wild as possible. This activity was accompanied by upbeat music to get them into the flow of things.

It was fun to watch and the feedback from the children was good too. 
 Paintings from activity : This means war

  • Random Colour Random Shape

Participants were asked to pick chits from two sets; colours and things. The purpose of this was to create odd combinations e.g. black sun. They were then required to make a quick representation of what they understood from the combination. It was incredible to see how their minds worked and what they translated on to the paper. 

Random Colour Random Shape Activity

  • Destroy to create (collage)

Participants were given magazines to rip up. Then they had to paste them in any way they liked, as a surprise element we gave them mirrors and paint to spice it up. We got some really inspiring super cool artworks and it fun seeing the younger ones going crazy with the glue (they finished 3 entire bottles!!).

                                                             collage activity

  • Painting Together

We tried to play with the concept of forbidden fruit as children are not usually allowed to paint and scribble on the walls yet its something they love doing.

We stuck a large paper on the wall, gave them music, freedom, paints and brushes. They took turns coming up and painting, it was interesting to see how one would start off where the other had left off, as if continuing a story. But the best part was how they kept getting more and more engaged, more experimental (especially the little ones with their paint-soaked hands) and some were even dancing as they painted.

Painting Together Activity

Special thanks to Rishi Kamat for being the coolest and for recording this event.



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